I optimise your texts

Every text can be improved. I can help you improve your texts so that they are error-free, consistent and clear, and so that they have the desired effect and make the best possible impression on your target audience.

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I perform the following text edits for you in German

  • Proofreading (check for linguistic accuracy)
  • Editing (check for linguistic accuracy and appropriate style)
  • Revision (comprehensive rework)

Are you looking for an editor specialising in Switzerland? Contact me at jonas.buehler@sprachbuerobuehler.ch.

What my clients say about me

“During a translation project for 99.media, I came to regard Jonas Bühler as a reliable, efficient and stylistically confident colleague, one whose revision of the text ensured consistency and whose valuable comments helped us fine-tune the language of our translation.”

Susanne Ruckstuhl
freelance translator/subtitler